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As we enter the final lap of the Rotary year, it is time to rededicate and redouble our efforts for TRF. We all want to keep doing good in our world. That is possible in large measure through the Foundation’s district and global grants. To do more of these we need more DDF. Hence, support to Annual Fund becomes very important. It is our Annual Fund contributions today which help us do grants tomorrow. I request every Rotarian to invest in the Annual Fund today. It empowers Rotarians to help where it is needed most. These life-changing service efforts have improved the lives of countless people.

We are very close to a polio-free world. As we move forward positively and work to end polio, supporting the Polio Fund is more critical than ever. Without Rotarians’ contributions we cannot achieve our dream of a polio-free world. So do contribute to the Polio Fund. Endowment Fund is the future of our Foundation. Our investment in this Fund will ensure that future generations of Rotarians carry on the good work of Rotary.

There are three kinds of givers — those like the flint that gives only when hammered and then it yields only a small spark; those like a sponge that gives when squeezed but soon runs dry; and those like a honeycomb that gives to others freely and keeps giving. Rotarians are like the honeycomb. They give freely, again and again.

Celebrated poet R W Emerson has said: To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded. The Rotary Foundation is that Power of One — one Rotarian, one club and one district — multiplied many times. We Rotarians can help rebuild, reshape and restore our communities. And a good way to do that is through TRF. As we connect with one another and as new opportunities open up before us, let’s continue to support the Foundation. Together we can and we will change the world.

Your generosity and dedication to helping others is truly inspiring. Thank you for your commitment to doing good in the world.

Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee, 2022–26

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