Brought to you by Rotary How does Rotary International put your RI dues to work for you?

Rotary’s End Polio programme in Pakistan.
Rotary’s End Polio programme in Pakistan.

Rotary International is dedicated to enhancing your experience by providing you and your club with the tools you need to make a difference in the world and to connect with others. Your dues help make that happen. Here’s how to make the most of what RI offers:


Challenge: Our club needs to grow.

How RI Can Help: Discover resources to help engage current members, connect with prospective members, welcome new members, and develop your club at


Don’t be afraid of the Grant Center. Even though it might look overwhelming at first, it’s very user-friendly.
Sally Platt, Rotary Club of Marietta Metro Georgia, US


Our club wants to connect with prospective members.

Through the Manage Membership Leads tool, RI connects clubs and districts with people who have expressed an interest in Rotary. Visit


I’m moving and want to find
a new club to join.

Find the club that best suits you through Club Finder on or download the Club Locator app to your smartphone. The form to change clubs is at


I know someone who would make a great Rotarian.

Consider inviting them to join your club or refer them to another club by submitting their information at

Schoolchildren enjoy better seating through a Rotary project in India.
Schoolchildren enjoy better seating through a Rotary project in India.

I want to spread the word about a successful club project.

Describe your project and share photos and impact via Rotary Showcase:


I want to apply for a grant or check the status of an application.

Get started at Rotary’s Grant Center at Regional grant officers are also available to provide one-on-one support in all official languages.


I want people in my community to know more about our club and what we do.

Rotary’s People of Action campaign offers resources to tell stories about the impact your club is making in your community. You’ll find easy-to-use messaging, ideas for local events, social media ads, and print and video advertising material, as well as how-to guides. Learn more at


The Manage Membership Leads page is a fantastic tool! I’ve already connected with four prospective members who are visiting our club next month.
Adam Bowling, Rotary Club of Sandy Springs, Georgia, US


My club has an idea for a project, but we need to find a club to partner with on a global grant.

Visit to view other clubs’ project pages. Club and district leaders can create a page to solicit partners.


I’m looking for material about Rotary to take to a local event.

Visit to find ready-to-use resources that can build awareness

of Rotary and your club.


We did a branding campaign at San Diego International Airport that was incredibly successful. The campaign brought together People of Action videos, backlit posters and social media.
Scott Carr, Rotary Club of San Diego Downtown Breakfast


I want to know whether it’s safe to give Rotary my personal information.

Rotary complies with applicable laws

to ensure that our members’ personal information is safe and secure. Learn about RI’s privacy policy at my.rotary

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