Archers Aditi and Deotale get Arjuna Award

Archers Aditi Gopichand Swami (17) and Ojas ­Deotale (21), who made India proud at the ­Hangzhou Asian  Games, were felicitated with the Arjuna Awards by the Union government. They had been nominated for the Arjuna Award when they were honoured at the Rotary zone institute in Bengaluru. (For more details, read Now India matters in global games — Rotary News, January 2024.)

Ojas Deotale and Aditi Swami with Arjuna Awards.

While Aditi is the world’s youngest senior archery champion, Deotale, the first Indian male to win a gold at the World Archery Championship (Berlin, 2023), is ranked ninth in the world. Both the archers are products of Drushti Archery Academy being run by Pravin Sawant in Satara, Maharashtra.


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