A collaboration for better health

DG Ravi Mehra (left) and IMA Uttarakhand President T S  Rautela exchange agreements in the presence of IMA Secretary General R N Tandon and PDG I S Tomer (centre).
DG Ravi Mehra (left) and IMA Uttarakhand President T S
Rautela exchange agreements in the presence of IMA Secretary General R N Tandon and PDG I S Tomer (centre).

Rotary District 3110 represented by DG Ravi Mehra and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) represented by its President for the Uttar Pradesh chapter Dr Vinay Gupta, and Uttarakhand chapter Dr T S Rautela, signed an MoU to promote routine immunisation for children under 12 and help build toilets to prevent open defecation.

While Rotary will be advocating immunisation among villagers, the basic infrastructure will be provided by IMA. “Routine immunisation is very important for the health and well-being of a child. Even if the government is providing all these vaccines free of cost through State-run health centres, awareness is a major problem among rural population,” said Mehra.

Rotary clubs in the District will build 162 toilets in the first phase in schools and residences in the region. Rotarians will train locals to use toilets and promote the various aspects of WinS. Organising health camps in villages will also be taken up regularly by the clubs jointly with IMA.

To enhance Rotary’s visibility among the public, a human chain, depicting the Rotary emblem, with a record 3,333 members comprising Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and Inner Wheel members, was formed. This feat created a world record for the highest number of members forming the human chain beating the earlier record of 2,367 members by the Red Cross.

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