World Roundup



Cookbook for the visually impaired

Rotary members in Western Turkey have partnered with a library to produce the country’s first cookbook for the visually impaired, printed in Braille and recorded on CD. Several dozen copies of the book and CDs have rolled off the library’s press and studio.


Iraq and Afghanistan

Thoughtful approach

Rotary Club of Atlantic, Iowa, along with Shindand Women Social Foundation, a non profit, sponsored the purchase of goats for 15 women, in order to give them a sustained form of livelihood.


United Kingdom

1,800 race the train

Rotary Club of Tywyn organised a charity under the banner ‘Action for Children’ to raise  money for Rotary’s campaign to End Polio and Shelter Box, which provides survival kits to people in disaster relief zones and other causes.



Stop Hunger

Rotary Club of Singapore prepared 200 meals in one box and a total of 200 boxes were packed with the involvement of about 400 students from 7 Interact clubs. The meal boxes were delivered to food banks for consumption both in Singapore and abroad.


Virgin Islands

Young writers get published

Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean, with the support of clubs from 10 Caribbean nations, invited children to participate in a writing competition. Rotary members and others are encouraged to donate copies of the winning stories to school libraries. Proceeds from the sale of these books were used to support other literacy efforts.



Training nurses to save mothers and babies in Africa

Through a packaged grant, Rotary in partnership with the Aga Khan University, has granted about $14,000 per student — to cover tuition, books, and room and board, for two years.  Those living near this University’s East African campuses were selected. The students’ career goals had to focus on improving child and maternal health issues — a core area for Rotary.



Well being

Rotary Club of Beaumaris with the support of Rotary clubs of Kupang, Indonesia, Brighton North, Vic, Seminyak, Bali and Feldbach, Austria, contributed funds to construct 30 wells and extend support to students for accommodation, food, school fees and school equipment, provision of mosquito nets (as malaria is a major problem in Sabu) and improvement of sanitation.



Giving voice to children

Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue is equipping hospitals with screening devices to test newborns’ hearing. More than 200 children in the country lose their hearing each year. The club has held two fundraisers including a performance of the ballet ‘Swan Lake’ and raised more than $10,000 to equip two hospitals with screening devices.

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