2024 Convention – Top reasons to register early

Daydreaming about a trip on your calendar is one of life’s small rewards. All the more so if the destination is the Rotary International Convention 2024 in Singapore, Asia’s dazzling garden city, rich in culture and unique attractions. Here are just a few of the reasons to register early.

  • Give yourself a vacation to look forward to. Whether you’re making the trip of a lifetime or a return visit, you’ll find inspiration and wonder in Singapore.
  • Save significant money. The last day for the early registration discount is Dec 15. You won’t get a lower rate.
  • Have your pick of airfares and hotels. It’s the right time to lock in a good airfare rate before prices almost certainly go up closer to May 25–29. You’ll have more room choices when you book your hotel at a special rate. Looking for a deal? A city view? Enough space for your kids? Check your options.
  • Book a special experience. Exclusive excursions for Rotary members can sell out, and organisers have curated tour packages to see hidden gems in Singapore and nearby countries.
  • Leave time to gather your entourage. Veronica and Johnny Yu, of the Rotary Club of Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines, committed to Singapore while still in Melbourne and have been encouraging others to take advantage of early registration. “You can only believe in the magic of Rotary if you go to the convention,” Johnny Yu says. No two conventions are the same, so even if you’ve been before it’s a chance to reconnect with friends and be inspired. This convention is when members turn ideas into actions for Sharing Hope With the World.


Learn more and register at convention.rotary.org

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