Letters to the Editor – May 2021

The April issue is interesting as usual; RI President Holger Knaack stressed the need for Rotarians to expand their services to preserve the earth, while addressing the DGEs and DGNs at IA 2021.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

RI President Holger Knaack has rightly said in his message that Rotaractors do good work which is more or less equal to that of Rotarians. I agree with the Editor that women were allowed into Rotary only in 1987, which is rather late. However, we look forward to the first woman RI President (Jennifer Jones) who will be taking charge on 2022–23. The article on the gear man of Coimbatore is informative.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

PRIP Rajendra Saboo’s reminiscences on polio were interesting. The photo of Rukhsar, the last polio victim, on the cover page (March’21) was appropriate and nostalgic. RIPE Shekhar Mehta’s interview brought out some fascinating aspects of his personality.

V G Deodhar, RC Nasik — D 3030

Rotary News has now become a multifaceted magazine. The March issue offered diverse articles on the ­Zambia Malaria project, opportunities for Indian pharma and avoidable deafness.

Soumitra Chakraborty, RC Calcutta Innovation — D 3291

I always look forward to Rotary News; Earlier I worked at Dugar Tower in Chennai and later moved to ­Bengaluru. By then Rasheeda Bhagat took over as Editor. The Hindu’s loss is Rotary’s gain.

Murali Krishnan, RC Bangalore Lakeside — D 3190

Coimbatore’s ‘gear man’

The article on Coimbatore’s ‘gear man’ who did selfless service is most welcome as it elucidates how some people have made service their business without expecting anything in return. It is great that Rotary News published an article on ­Subramanian; it is indeed a feather in your cap. Keep it up.

Rm Muthukaruppan, RC Sankarapuram — D 2982

RID Kamal Sanghvi has presented a number of statistics to show the looming water crisis in India (March issue). He has rightly said that while a very few people die of thirst, millions die from preventable waterborne diseases. The five-year target of Rotary in water and sanitation projects is commendable.

Dr Pon Muthaiyan, RC Aduthurai — D 2981

Excellent March issue

The March issue was well-designed and informative. Congrats to RC Howrah for donating a bicycle to Rukhsar Khatoon, the last polio victim in India, whose photo riding the cycle was aptly put on the cover page. Hats off to Coimbatore man, Subramaniam for his contributions to society. Thank you for a beautiful magazine.

Shraddha P, RC Thane Green City — D 3142

The March issue had a lot of interesting content. The Editor’s note A leader par excellence was fantastic. Also, the report Celebrating 10 years of polio-free India was magnificent. Goodies for Rukhsar by TRN was excellent. Jaishree’s report on Coimbatore’s ‘gear man’ who did selfless service is an inspiration to all Rotarians.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

I appreciate the coverage given to the milestone of 10 years of polio-free India. I was touched to see the photo of the late RI director Y P Das in the group photo. He was a dedicated Rotarian and his contribution to Rotary’s humanitarian projects is unforgettable. He had an important role to play in India becoming polio-free.

Dr Suresh K Sablok, RC Nahan Sirmour Hills — D 3080

The March editorial (A leader par excellence) has rightly focused on the gender imbalance in Rotary. It is appreciable that RIPN ­Jennifer Jones is aiming to correct the imbalance. But gender inequity exists not only in Rotary but everywhere. No nation can progress by neglecting its women.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

Give priority to girls’ education

Although girls’ education is affected due to Covid, Rotarians can bring about a change by ­rendering service either by increasing awareness or by making school education free in all types of institutions. Like Project Positive Health, girls’ education should be an issue where TRF grant should be available avoiding gender discrimination.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — RID 3262

We are glad that you gave space in Rotary Plus for our Covid vaccination camp. This will encourage our club members. Thank you.

Manoj R Kumar, RC Agra — D 3110

A novel way to collect TRF funds

As a club president, I share my experiment of TRF collection.

I first donated $1,000 to TRF. Then I requested my friends and other Rotarians for donations on Whatsapp and Facebook, sharing information about TRF. I said I’d accept $10 cheques too. As I started getting cheques, I published their names on Whatsapp groups. In one month, I collected $3,000 as donation. My aim is to collect $5,000 for TRF in this pandemic time.

Madhukar Doiphode, RC Barsi — D 3132

Inspiring story on beautician training


Glad to see the beautiful cover ­photo of Project ‘Sundari’ sponsored by RID 3232, which will change the lives of 100 differently-abled, but energetic young ­women. In her note, the Editor has ­vividly described young leaders making a difference in the world. RI directors have ­explained well the importance of maternal and child care. Saddened to read that 11 million girls may stop going to school due to the ­pandemic. Speeches made by Rotary leaders at IA 2021 are inspiring. Empowering women through ­ornamental fish farming is interesting. Articles on ­Finland’s PM Samma Marin and Hindustani music’s vox populi ­Bhimsen Joshi are interesting. The 5Rs of waste management is a useful article

Philip Mulapone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Yet again Rasheeda and her team have given us an issue that ranks with the best. The LBW column brought back memories of my school life. The ­editorial highlighted the good work being done by a Cuban ­doctor which Rotaractors should read. The editor has a nose for news that brings us valuable information on so many subjects. Trustee Chair K R Ravindran’s call to clubs to partner with other organisations is welcome. Jaishree’s cover story on beauticians’ training is superb. It is good to know PDG Rekha Shetty ­initiated this project. I was shocked that 11 million girls may not return to school this year due to the pandemic. ­Muthukumaran’s article on the new Rotary models was interesting.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West — D 3000

The April issue is a compendium of ­educative articles. The cover page is inspiring. RID 3232 has done a good job to train 100 girls to make them self-reliant. The Editor’s note on influential youngsters is useful as are the articles on the Ganga river and the training of district leaders. Coverage of club projects gives inspiration to all of us. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was a legend of Indian music. We are thankful for the article on him.

Anujj Agarwal, RC Chandausi City Star — D 3100

The cover photo and project story say a lot about Rotary vision on women’s empowerment. RC ­Bhubaneswar Ekamra Kshetra has enhanced the livelihood of rural women through ornamental fishing. RC Patiala Midtown offering training in stitching to underprivileged women deserves appreciation.

Naveen Ramesh Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090


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