100 recipients receive RC Calcutta’s Endowment Awards

One hundred people from various walks of life in Kolkata were chosen this year to receive the endowment awards presented annually by RC Calcutta, RID 3291, through its welfare trust. The recipients included children from orphanages and economically deprived families who want to pursue education, differently-abled people, patients suffering from genetic illness, cash-strapped NGOs and children with exceptional brilliance in education and arts.

A visually-challenged beneficiary gets an award.
A visually-challenged beneficiary gets an award.

DG Sudip Mukerjee distributed the awards at the Rotary Sadan. The trust’s chairman Purnendhu Roychoudhury said that the endowment fund had a corpus of ₹2.11 crore and the award money was distributed from the income earned from the corpus which aggregated to ₹14.5 lakh. The applications were vetted by Arun Kumar Dutta, retired chief justice, Kolkata High Court.

PDG Prabhat Rohatgi who had initiated the scheme 29 years ago with just two donors said that he was happy that the corpus has grown to its present size facilitating its reach to more needy people. He committed a personal donation for the creation of another endowment in memory of his recently deceased brother Dilip Rohatgi who was also the club’s past president. Club president Debashis Mitra delivered a vote of thanks.


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