Rotary messages on No Parking boards

A project initiated by the Rotary Club of Baroda Sayajinagari, RID 3060, to boost the public image of Rotary, has had synergy with other Rotary clubs in the city — RCs Baroda Metro, Baroda Main, Baroda Cosmopolitan, Baroda Sunrise and Baroda Jawaharnagar have all joined hands to take this project forward.

RC Baroda Sayajinagari first conceived and initiated the task of putting up core Rotary messages such as ‘End Polio’ and ‘Swachh Bharat’ on ‘No Parking’ boards. This idea and the impact it made appealed to other Rotary clubs in the city who “also joined this mega PR project”, says DGE Anish Shah.

Rotarians display the No Parking boards.
Rotarians display the No Parking boards.

The clubs got ready about 1,000 such ‘No Parking’ boards which “emphasised Rotary’s efforts to end polio and its mission towards clean cities.”

These boards have been put up at various public and private places such as banks, government offices, and the like. “We are of the view that the estimated PR effect of this project will at least last for 4-5 years and further strengthen the brand of Rotary,” he added.  On the day the boards were unveiled, 3060 District Chairman (End Polio Movement) Dr Jayant Shastri shared a few vital details about Rotary’s work for Polio eradication.

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