On the racks – November 2019


An Orchestra of Minorities

Author            : Obioma Chigozie
Publisher       : Hachette India
Pages              : 528; ₹599

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2019, this book is about a young farmer named Chinonso who prevents a woman from falling to death. Bonded by this incident, he and Ndali fall in love. But it is a mismatch according to her family who rejects him because of his lowly status. You cannot tell if it is love or madness that makes Chinonso think he can change his destiny. Set across Nigeria and Cyprus, the book is written in the mythic style of the Igbo tradition and weaves a heart-wrenching tale about fate versus free will.



Temple Tales

Author            : Sudha G Tilak
Publisher       : Hachette India
Pages              : 200; ₹299

This delightful book opens the doors to the secrets and surprises hidden in temples across India. These unique temples are not just places of worship, but living museums of architectural wonders, mind-boggling sculptures, graceful dances, colourful crafts and other cultural legacies of the country. More than anything, they are treasure troves of lore and legend, teeming with tales of gods and goddesses, demons and devotees, plants and beasts, the magical and the mysterious — all just waiting to be discovered by you. The author takes you on an unusual journey to the country’s most sacred places, where the lines between fact and faith are blurred, thus creating interesting stories.



Look Young, Live Longer

Author            : Glenn Harrold
Publisher       : Hachette India
Pages              : 170; ₹299

Re-programme your mind to build the confidence and motivation you need. In this straightforward, no-nonsense seven-step programme, clinical hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold shows you how to reconfigure the mind for a better life. Sprinkled with tips and suggestions on how to lead a happy life, the book has easy-to-follow tools, techniques and guidance on how to set aright problematic issues. Setting personal goals and how to achieve them; working out an exercise plan to improve your health; boosting self-esteem and banishing negativity; adopting good sleep patterns; cultivating positive relationships; and coping with stress are dealt in a crisp and straightforward manner. Read the book to become a fitter and younger you.

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