Restoring Maluti’s glory

Tucked away on the border of Bengal and Jharkhand, Maluti is a nondescript village located around 230 km from Kolkata. Though the village falls under the jurisdiction of Jharkhand, with Dumka being the district headquarters, the inhabitants are all from Bengal. Their ancestors had settled here several

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A Venice experience in Mexico

The green waters of the winding canal and the plethora of colourful gondola-like boats crisscrossing their way deftly through the water, instantly reminds you of Venice and its famous gondolas. But we are in Mexico City and Xochimilco is one of the 16 boroughs or districts within

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RI Director Bharat Pandya is Treasurer for Rotary International for 2020-21, when Holgar Knaack will be RI President, JohritaSolari will be the Vice President and Stephanie Urchick, the Executive Committee Chair.