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Rebranding Rotary in urban areas


Manjoo Phadke Corporate consultant RC Pune Deccan Gymkhana RID 3131
Manjoo Phadke,
Corporate consultant, RC Pune Deccan Gymkhana, RID 3131

In the corporate world, where I come from you give orders and wait for them to be executed. But in Rotary, I’ve learned it’s about teamwork, empathy and empowering others,” says Manjoo Phadke. She is thoroughly impressed by Rotary’s seamless annual transition, creating 540 new DGs and 46,000 club presidents with remarkable precision and efficacy.

While boosting club membership she urges club presidents to “showcase the pride of being a Rotarian. I highlight how my district has completed $850 million worth of projects in every event I address.” For organic club growth, ­Manjoo encourages club presidents to prioritise club quality over number of members.

Manjoo has set a goal of raising $3 million for TRF. She plans to complete 1,000 paediatric surgeries, establish ‘Happy anganwadis’, and recharge borewells. While Rotary has a strong presence in rural areas “there is a need for rebranding in urban landscapes. Rotary Green Society initiative aims to address urban problems such as pollution, waste management and environmental wellness,” says Manjoo.

To ensure Rotary knowledge reaches every member of her district, Manjoo has introduced fun games and entertainment, making learning enjoyable.

Opening doors to LGBTQIA

V Srinivas Murthy Power and solar RC Bangalore Peenya, RID 3192
V Srinivas Murthy
Power and solar, RC Bangalore Peenya, RID 3192

Srinivas Murthy had a major concern on the lack of transgender-friendly facilities in public places. As district governor, he has now initiated a project to build exclusive toilets for transgender individuals. He believes in Rotary’s power to drive change and is actively welcoming LGBTQIA members “who can commit to Rotary’s ideals, ethical standards and willingness to contribute to service projects.”.

Murthy encourages CSR partners to contribute through TRF, citing its hassle-free procedure and high stewardship. His district has already collected ₹3 crore through CSR funding. He plans to establish a ₹10 crore yoga and rehabilitation facility at the Indian Institute of Science ­Bangalore through a CSR partnership.

He promotes Rotary as a supportive family focused on personal and professional growth, and “this has to be highlighted to potential members,” he says. This DG aims to collect $1.5 million for TRF. His district has partnered with the Karnataka Milk Federation to support 500 underprivileged women with milch cows. He intends to continue the legacy of RID 3190 (11,000 surgeries until 2023) by completing 200 heart surgeries this year.

Prioritising local needs

B C Geetha Education management RC Balehonnur, RID 3182
B C Geetha
Education management, RC Balehonnur, RID 3182

Address local community needs to promote Rotary’s public image and make it a household name,” says B C Geetha. Her district encompasses extensive rural areas, “and our primary focus will be on enhancing the lives of rural people, especially struggling farmers.” Collaborating with agricultural colleges, clubs across RID 3182 are assisting farmers in soil testing and balancing its nutrients “to help farmers produce healthier and abundant crops,” she says.

She is calling on every club to recruit at least three women as members to improve the DEI representation in her district. To keep members engaged and involved, she urges club presidents to respect existing members and make their families feel appreciated. For membership growth, she extends invitations to potential Rotary members to attend club and district meetings/events.

She plans to collect $300,000 for TRF. During her tenure, her primary focus will be on executing projects related to value-based education and road safety. The district has partnered with Vans Chemistry to effectively manage e-waste. While Rotary clubs collect e-waste, the consultancy firm ensures its safe disposal.

Focus on students

Nirmal Jain Kunawat CA (taxation) RC Udaipur, RID 3056
Nirmal Jain Kunawat
CA (taxation), RC Udaipur, RID 3056

If we can save even a single child from committing suicide through our mental health and suicide prevention projects, I would consider this as my biggest achievement,” says Nirmal Jain Kunawat. His district is vigorously carrying out mental health initiatives and RYLAs for students after the tragic incident of 25 student suicides in Kota, Rajasthan. To encourage clubs to work on mental health, they’ve introduced cash awards for innovative initiatives that boost students’ morale.

The district has also launched the Cinema on Wheels project, where a 52-seater, luxurious bus screens UNICEF-approved movies on topics like ‘good touch/bad touch’ to students in both villages and cities. Other projects initiated this year are Pink Autos, school adoptions and providing e-learning software to schools with underprivileged children. The district’s strong social media presence has significantly boosted Rotary’s brand in the region.

He is working on strengthening clubs by “resolving internal issues and working on members’ insecurities,” aiming for 10 per cent growth by inviting individuals engaged in Rotary projects, such as school principals and CSR partners. His TRF goal is $150,000.

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