Let’s work harder to remain at the top

In the midst of conflict, wars and disasters — natural and others — The Rotary Foundation stands as a beacon of hope. Hope for mitigating suffering, healing wounds and bringing peace and goodwill in our world. From a small beginning in 1917, today TRF is a leading agency for doing humanitarian good. It is well respected, nimble, efficient and transparent, and for the 15th year in a row, has got a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. That’s good news. And it is a reflection of my belief that giving to TRF is truly ‘effective giving’.

Whether it is life-saving paediatric cardiac surgeries in Mumbai, or setting up an ICU and operation theatre in Dhule, running blood banks in Bengaluru and Delhi, WASH projects across India or VTTs and medical missions in Africa, through its various projects, TRF is improving lives and transforming communities across the world.

The impact of global grants transfers across the world and district grants allow us to meet  local needs. And we are closer than ever to a polio-free world. All this depends on our support to TRF. We must support all the three funds. Our support to the Annual Fund today helps us to do global grants tomorrow; Endowment Fund support ensures a bright future for TRF. And Polio Fund is vital for a ­polio-free world.

It is a reflection of our belief and commitment to TRF that in Rotary year 2022–23, Indian districts contributed over $31 million to TRF. That’s truly remarkable. I salute the sacrifice, dedication, generosity and service of ­Rotarians and Rotary families of our zones for this achievement. Compliments to the 22–23 DGs and their TRF teams, and to the Zonal leadership teams, for this outstanding achievement which enabled India to be the second highest contributor in the world. Thank you one and all.

But when you are at the top we have to work harder to remain there. So let the 23–24 teams put in their best efforts as we aim for bigger, better and bolder projects and support to TRF. Best wishes to the DGs and the regional teams.

As we Create Hope in the World, as new opportunities open up before us, let us continue to support TRF. Together we can and we will change the world.

Dr Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee Vice Chair

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