A farmers’ market at Nashik

RC Nasik, RID 3030, inaugurated a farmers’ market at the Udoji Education Museum, Nashik.

The organic market concept was begun five years ago with an aim to help local farmers sell their produce at a fair price while providing the general public with affordable, high-quality organic vegetables. The market has been functional since then and it works from 8 30am to 10pm every Sunday throughout the year.


“The prices of vegetables and fruits here are much lower than the market price. Even when the prices of some vegetables are skyrocketing, these farmers offer vegetables at a fair price. When the price of tomato in the market was ₹150 per kg a couple of months ago, the farmers sold it for only at ₹30 a kg in the market,” says Vinayak Deodhar, the club’s director, Public Image.

Several Rotarians and the general public benefit from this market every week.

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