RID 3150 distributes bicycles, sewing machines

In a major boost to empowering girls and rural women, Rotary clubs of RID 3150, donated 2,700 bicycles to students, and 100 sewing machines to those who had completed tailoring courses in ­Guntur and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh.


Apart from club contributions and donations from Rotarians and their families, the mega project was ­supported by BGR Mines and Nirmaan Organisation, an NGO.

The girls had to walk over 4km daily to reach school and the bicycles would drastically reduce their travel time to pursue their education. Also, the ­distribution of sewing machines to those who had completed skill ­training would ­enable them to secure their ­livelihood with a regular income.

Crowdfunding and ­partnerships leveraged by the clubs have ­contributed to the success of this mega district ­project led by PDG Ravi Vadlamani.


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