A wheelchair rally in Thoothukudi

As part of RID 3212’s Support the Girl ­Children initiatives, RC Tuticorin Trailblazers organised a wheelchair rally for the ­disabled in which a large number of women took part to express their solidarity with the Rotary’s theme of empowering girls. Rtn Jasmine Tilak flagged off the rally, along with disabled welfare officer Sivasankaran. He distributed shields and prizes to the winners.

Participants of the wheelchair rally and the cyclothon.
Participants of the wheelchair rally and the cyclothon.

A cyclothon was also organised from V O ­Chidambaram ­College, Thoothukudi, to a ­popular restaurant, ­covering a  distance of 15km, to create ­awareness on the district theme. Club ­president T Malarvizhi and ­secretary A Prathima were present at both the events.

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