A Health ATM in Bareilly


RC Bareilly Heights, RID 3110, installed a ‘Health ATM’ at the Community Health Centre at Bithri Chainpur near Bareilly. It was inaugurated by district magistrate Shivakant Dwivedi in the presence of PDGs Ravi Prakash Agarwal, Dinesh Goel and Vinay Krishnan.

The digital machine, manufactured by Hindustan Antibiotics, gives an all-round synopsis of a person’s health by measuring more than 50 parameters including vital indicators such as blood pressure, glucose, body temperature, pulse, SPO2, oxygen saturation, body mass index, muscle/bone mass and eye vision. It can also detect malaria, dengue, Covid and typhoid.

The device saves the entire hassle of going to a doctor first when people can get a reality check and become aware of their health condition within no time, says club president Mohit ­Tandon. The health records are stored on the cloud and can be easily accessed by doctors.

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