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Rotary has done so much over the years around the globe, making each of us proud. There have been countless stories of Rotary changing people’s lives positively. Equally, many are the stories of Rotary changing Rotarians’ lives when they witness and experience the magic of Rotary.

All of us are justifiably proud of our membership in this organisation but the question I seek an answer to is how may have leveraged this pride for the growth of this organisation. Many of us have a story to tell, but do we bother to tell our story? Rotary’s success story in the eradication of polio is something all of us are happy to talk about. While I admit that PolioPlus is indeed a stunning success, the irrefutable fact is that many of the present Rotarians in our region have had no direct involvement or participation in it. Many of us are happy to bask in the glory of our predecessors’ vision and hard work.

Time has now come to tell our personal story. It is the responsibility of every Rotarian to consciously and intentionally be a brand ambassador of Rotary. The process starts with wearing our pin at all times, not just at our club meetings. This might possibly be a starting point of a conversation about Rotary with someone who is not yet, but could potentially, be a member of our organisation. Second, have your own story ready. An experience that Rotary gave you that made you believe in and continue with your membership. There is no substitute to a story that includes you. The impact and relevance of such a story can never be underestimated. Third, ensure that we create as many opportunities as possible, for others to experience the magic of Rotary so that they too could play their role in the growth of this organisation.

Being a brand ambassador is a choice that each one of us should make. It is a responsibility that we are committing to, when we accept the membership of this great body. It is our privilege to enjoy the fruits of the work of those before us over the last 11 decades. It is also our duty to sow the seeds today for the future generations to reap the fruits. Let us tell our story with pride.

A S Venkatesh
RI Director, 2021–23

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