A membership high at RID 3142

DG Kailash Jethani and RC Dombivli East president Vijay Dumbre with the newly inducted members.
DG Kailash Jethani and RC Dombivli East president Vijay Dumbre with the newly inducted members.

Raising the bar in membership growth with a new benchmark in RID 3142, RC Dombivli East president Vijay ­Dumbre inducted 56 Rotarians in August, Rotary’s ­membership month, at a single event.

In the beginning of the Rotary year, Dumbre sought the help of past presidents who guided him in achieving the feat of inducting 56 new Rotarians at one go. “He requested all 170 members to look out among their friends, relatives and colleagues for potential candidates for membership. Thus, a mega ­membership drive was launched by the club,” said PDG ­Chandrashekar Kolvekar, district trainer.

Members of fellowship groups like Karaoke, Dhaba, Cycling and Equity went out and invited ­like-minded people to join the club, “to enjoy fellowship and service projects.” Rotarians who joined in the last 2–3 years were responsible for getting a large share of new members inducted at the August event, he said.

With the focus on gender parity, women Rotarians were given the responsibility of organising the Tejaswini Awards event in which nine women entrepreneurs were felicitated by Dr Medha Mehendale, founder, Tanvi Herbals. At present, the 35-year-old club has 220 members.

Having met the district target in the first quarter of the year, Dumbre has plans to induct another 56 members by November-end. He has earned the sobriquet, Ab Tak Chappan (Till now 56) for his success in adding new members. Not resting on his ­laurels, “he is working hard to achieve his next target,” said Kolvekar.

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