Letters to the Editor – November 2022


In her message, RI President Jennifer Jones says you have to take uncomfortable chances to reach important goals in life. Every lesson is an opportunity to grow, and each story adds a chapter to our collective Imagine Rotary year, she says rightly. The editor writes about the good work being done by Rotary in Sri Lanka by forging a partnership with UNICEF to collect funds to help families and children hit hard by the economic crisis. Here is an excellent opportunity for Rotarians to help our distressed neighbour.

DRFC Dakshayani (Tell your incredible stories) says RID 3232 has 26 per cent women members (1,500) and the district will add 1,000 more this year, along with five all-women’s clubs, which is commendable. This district stands third in TRF giving in the world which is also praiseworthy.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

The cover story Where attending school is a luxury by Rasheeda Bhagat was excellent. Her article Don’t water the weeds… was superb. President Jones correctly pointed out that in the last 10 years 1.2 million members joined Rotary, but the same ­number also left Rotary. We need to be more focused on how we treat our members and look after their comfort and needs, and engage them. Otherwise, they will quit Rotary. Jaishree’s article ­Changing the world… was excellent. The ­picture of Jones and spouse Nick ­performing a Kerala style ritual for prosperity was captivating.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

The September issue is extraordinary and is full of inspiring quotes from RI ­President Jennifer Jones and other Rotary leaders. They include: Every lesson is an opportunity to grow; imagine a new and green Rotary; don’t water the weeds; and concentrate on the flowers etc. What is interesting is that the dreams of all these leaders are not the same. It proves that there is no one way of looking at Rotary, but many ways where we can transform communities.

Piyush Doshi, RC Belur — D 3291

A rich tribute to Queen Elizabeth


Enjoyed your coverage of Queen Elizabeth II in the October ­issue of Rotary News. Unusual also because I found no other ­coverage on her in other Rotary magazines.

I applaud Srinivasa Raghavan complaining of small European toilets. It’s so very true. The more affluent the country, the smaller their toilets, with one of the Nordic countries being an outright winner. I’ve always wondered why no one was ever complaining!

PRIP Kalyan Banerjee, RC Vapi — D 3060

The October cover was ­superb with a beautiful picture of Queen Elizabeth during her ­coronation in 1953. The Queen was admired by all for her noble ­qualities. Was happy to note that the editor has paid rich tribute to Queen ­Elizabeth II, describing her ­leadership qualities and being a role model for world leaders. It is frustrating to read RI ­President Jennifer Jones’ message that there is an outbreak of ­polio in Israel, UK and in New York ­recently.

RID Mahesh Kotbagi explains the role of UN today and Rotary’s active participation since its inception. RID A S Venkatesh stresses the importance of thinking long-term as mega projects can’t be completed fully in a ­Rotary year. The cover story on the Queen, with attractive ­photos along with world leaders, especially our ­Indian leaders, is worth reading. Other articles on ­cervical cancer, Pune Rotarians transforming Pingori village, fighting for disability rights, British royalty’s Rotary connection, cycle rally in Delhi for cancer, and Prez Jones inaugurating a radiation centre in Pune are all informative and worth reading. Club Hop and pictures are good.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Thanks for an excellent ­October issue which has a well-written ­article on Queen Elizabeth II whose sad demise has left the world mourning. RI past president Huge M Archer had once said that he always found the letters column of The Rotarian magazine interesting. That’s the view of many of us too, in respect of Rotary News. We thank the editorial team for allotting two full pages for the Letters column. When the magazine conveys a benevolent story and updates of Rotary in a hundred ways, the feedback and views of its readers are very important. A mix of brickbats, strong observations and much appreciation on the varied content of our magazine gives us an idea of what people are reading.

R Srinivasan, RC Madurai Midtown — D 3000

As the UK’s longest-reigning head of state, Queen Elizabeth II was widely admired for her grace, dignity and dedication. She was a reassuring presence throughout decades of sweeping changes, including the decolonisation of ­Africa and Asia and the evolution of the Commonwealth. Rasheeda Bhagat says it all when she points out that the Queen’s legacy will loom large in the years to come.

K M K Murthy, RC ­Secunderabad — D 3150

The cover story on Queen ­Elizabeth II is convincing with deep meaning. The article titled British royalty’s Rotary connection is inspiring. Rotary’s role in communicating the UN ideals as shared by RI Director Mahesh Kotbagi is powerful and talks volumes about our ­organisation.

The Rotary Rain Run ­attracted 3,000 people boosting its public image. The recognition of NCERT is testimony to the kind of partnership that Rotary can bring to the forefront. The article Fighting for disability rights from the wheelchair is a strong message to show empathy and understand the needs of differently-abled. The work of Ahmedabad Interactors is an example in leadership ­development among students. I loved the statement from our RI President: “We are not only ­people of ­action but also people of purpose and influence.”

Vivek Khandelwal, RC Deonar — D 3141


An elegant transformation of Rotary News

I am delighted to read ­Rotary News every month; you have changed it completely and it remains elegantly transformed. I was a regular reader of your articles in the Hindu Business Line. Expressing my gratitude for publishing the article, Litfest in the mountains by Sandhya Rao in the October issue. Happy to share that many Rotarians, including Geetha Srinivasan, ­participated. It is a wonderful ­moment for the members of our club to know that our iconic ­library building is shown in our ­magazine. Do participate in the ­Litfest next year; we would love to host you. Thanks to you madam, the Rotary News is elegantly transformed.

R Thesinghrajan, RC Ootacamund — D 3203

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