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Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
— Anon

The Rotary Foundation works to bring just such happiness in the lives of people we touch and communities we transform. And this is made possible by our giving to TRF. The most basic need of a human being is to feel capable and have a sense of dignity. Thus, the best giving is to help people  find their feet and support themselves and their family. This gives them a purpose, a sense of dignity and has the potential to transform the recipient into a giver. TRF believes not just in ‘giving the fish, but also teaching how to fish’.

Giving is an act of faith. There is true joy in giving. Experience the joy of giving to TRF. Your gift is going to make a difference in critical areas such as hunger, health, literacy, water and polio eradication.

November is TRF month; a time for relearning and rededication to the Foundation and its many worthwhile programmes. A time to focus our attention on the pillar which gives real internationality to Rotary — The Rotary Foundation.

From a tiny beginning in the mind and heart of Arch Klumph, as an endowment fund “for doing good in the world”, today it has evolved into one of the foremost agencies of humanitarian service — a foundation which is respected, transparent, increasingly nimble and one of the best managed charities in the world. It has been given the highest four-star rating by Charity Navigator on ­multiple parameters ranging from efficiency to transparency.

The opportunities and possibilities that we have in front of us can be transformed into success stories, thanks to TRF. That’s why it is important to know about EREY Every Rotarian Every Year—initiative of TRF. Only when every Rotarian contributes every year to TRF, can its stability and long-term health be ensured.

That’s the goal and challenge. Taste the beauty of giving to TRF. I assure you, you will give again and again. Keep giving to TRF to do good in our world. Light the candle of giving and lead the way as you Imagine Rotary.

Bharat Pandya
TRF Trustee, 2022–26

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