Project Sahyog scales new heights

IPDG Ajay Madan greets a recipient of a prosthetic arm.
IPDG Ajay Madan greets a recipient of a prosthetic arm.

Following the success of Project Sahyog that provides artificial limbs to amputees in RID 3080, launched in Aug 2021, DG V P Kalta has adopted it as a district project for all clubs to emulate. So far, the project has rehabilitated over 155 amputees at an average cost of ₹35,000 per patient. The project was conceived by Rtn Salil Dev Singh Bali and launched by IPDG Ajay Madan in August 2021.

The project funding came from donors and companies. “We ­provide high-quality artificial limbs to ­handicapped persons who had lost an arm or leg, so that they restart ­earning their livelihood and can live with dignity,” said project chair Salil Bali. The technical team was led by Rtn Dr V J S Vohra, a prosthetic expert with 40 years of experience in this field.

Initially, 10 amputees employed as auto drivers, security guard, domestic help, etc, were fixed with artificial limbs. “Encouraged by its success, we extended the project across the district and 55 out of 100 clubs participated in identifying the potential beneficiaries and sponsoring artificial limbs for them,” he said.

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