A one-day RYLA for transgenders

DG N Nandakumar and PDG G Chandramohan with Rotarians and RYLA participants.
DG N Nandakumar and PDG G Chandramohan with Rotarians and RYLA participants.

In an effort to support the transgender community, RID 3232 conducted a one-day RYLA programme, titled Pride RYLA, for 63 transgenders below the age of 30 years. “The initiative focused on building communication and friendship, learning problem-solving skills and discovering strategies to become a good leader,” says Asha Marina, the district’s RYLA chair.

The event began with an ice-­breaking session “to make them feel relaxed and get to know more people from their community who want to bring about change,” says Asha. Other sessions dwelt on entrepreneurship, banking procedures for micro loans and skill development programmes organised by Indian Bank.

DG Dr N Nandakumar shared his thoughts on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’. PDG I S A K Nazar explained the importance of grabbing opportunities. “This platform is an opportunity for you to learn something new, hence use this to help more people from your community,” he said.

The participants were treated to a sumptuous lunch, after which they were engaged in an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) healing session that helps the unconscious mind to make healthy choices. All the participants got RYLA certificates and gifts.

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