Pune Rotarians upgrade an NICU

PDG Girish Gune inaugurating the new NICU at the hospital in Pune.
PDG Girish Gune inaugurating the new NICU at the hospital in Pune.

Rotary Club of Poona ­Midtown,  RID 3131, recently expanded the neonatal ICU facility at the Seth ­Tarachand Ramnath ­Charitable ­Hospital in the city with the support of a global grant. PDG Girish Gune inaugurated the upgraded facility.

The project provided eight additional beds increasing the capacity to 16 NICU beds and sophisticated medical equipment such as warmers, phototherapy machines, incubators, CPAP machines, syringe and volumetric infusion pumps and multi-para monitors that would help save critically ill babies. “The hospital can now treat 800 babies in a year whereas it was 600 babies earlier,” says project coordinator Subodh Gulavani. The enhanced facility will be a boon for the economically weak community as the hospital charges less than ₹6,000 a day as NICU charges as against ₹25,000 charged by other hospitals, he adds.

The project cost was $72,900. RCs Bethelhem, Lexington ­After-hours, Lake Nona Lunch and International We Serve Foundation, USA were the supporting partners. RCs Pune East and Pune South were the synergy partners in this GG project. Districts 3131,7430, 6740 and 6060 supported the project with their DDF.

The club provided three-month training to 1,200 anganwadi workers associated with Niramay, an NGO. They were given classes in caring for pregnant women and help them with the safe delivery of healthy babies.

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