Get set, goal!


Are we ready for the new Rotary year?

Planning is the key to success. It is very important for us to think in advance on what is to be done, where is it to be done, how and by whom it should be done. In simple words, planning is the bridge between our thoughts and execution. Another important factor of planning is time. Plans should be developed within a fixed time as you cannot go on just planning endlessly. So, planning and setting your club goals should get completed by this month. Do remember that planning is a never-ending process because changed circumstances may necessitate some course correction. Adaptability is the key to success in the current dynamic environment.

I hope all the clubs have their teams ready for the upcoming year, have set the club goals, planned some key projects and are ready for some wonderful fellowship and friendship.

In the Rotary Learning Center’s Club Leadership catalogue, you’ll find courses that outline what you’ll need to know to succeed in various club roles. These learning plans are designed to be completed before you participate in the district training assembly, usually held between April and June.

After all the planning, remember to enjoy Rotary even if all your goals are not achieved. What is important in Rotary is to love and enjoy every bit of your contribution to this world and cherish every friend you make!

I wish all my fellow Rotarians happy planning and best wishes for its successful execution!

A S Venkatesh
RI Director, 2021–23

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