Let’s forge friendship with our club members


The pandemic is hopefully behind us as we cautiously tread into a changed world. It was heartening to see Rotarians rally behind each other, supporting one another and others around them during these difficult times. It reaffirms our faith in the goodness of mankind.

As we move into the last quarter of this Rotary year, it is time to focus on keeping our flock together. Clubs in our region have been fairly successful in adding to their numbers, a feat made even more significant when we look at what the rest of the Rotary world has been able to achieve collectively. However, data of the past has shown that the biggest challenge in our zones has been retaining our members. The reasons are many, and several of us may be aware of them. In my opinion, the single most important factor that can help in keeping our newly inducted Rotarians interested in our organisation is converting them from being fellow Rotarians to friends.

Many of us are guilty of not taking enough interest in getting to know our club members well. A human being is a social animal and the feeling that one is a part of a large group that is friendly, helpful and forthcoming, will go a long way in any person deciding to stay on in that group. The onus is really on the senior members of our clubs to make the newer entrants feel wanted and cared for. One doesn’t need a pandemic or a disaster to make friends. Rotary’s survival in the future is dependent on this bond of friendship that we forge. Not only will our clubs grow in a sustainable manner, it will also lead to a greater sense of purpose and impact.

Let us all decide today that we will contribute our bit to convert our club into a group of close friends, all equitable and inclusive. Remember friendship is the key to unlock our collective potential and that feeling good is a prerequisite to doing good.

A S Venkatesh
RI Director, 2021–23

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