Digitalisation in Rotary


Not so long ago, Rotarians had never dreamt of meeting virtually. Rotary is an organisation connecting people worldwide. Life after the pandemic made us adapt to digital technology and we found a new way of bonding virtually. Whether an International Convention or Assembly, or other conferences, we have learnt to virtually attend these using our phones or laptops. This pandemic has helped to create a digital revolution in Rotary.

Another big mindset change in India was brought in by the app and website — This tool completely transformed the way a club functions; it modernised the manual process that clubs followed previously and automated the club and district leaders’ lives easier and simpler. E-governance, public image and communication are the three key areas this tool helped modernise.

Rotarians and clubs in India are hooked to this beautiful mobile app, Rotary India, brought to us by Rotary News Trust, and a dream come true for RI President Shekhar Mehta who wanted to inculcate this change in all of us for a long time., a parent website for all the clubs in India, has live information on all the projects done by clubs across the subcontinent. This website showcases the beautiful work done by Rotary clubs across the country in various focus areas to the rest of the world! It also helps corporates find the right clubs and projects for their CSR funds. Every Rotary club does amazing projects to benefit the community, but due to the lack of focus on public image and inadequate technological support and knowledge, the outside world never knew the power of the service we do. Rotary India completely revolutionised this. With its key features it has helped increase awareness about our activities.

This digitalisation has helped the clubs and districts to communicate with members more effectively and ensured maximum participation for various projects and meetings, and ensured that members are notified of upcoming club events. It also sends out automatic reminders on every member’s birthday or anniversary. Features like digital OCV/GOV have saved sleepless nights of club leaders who have to prepare for the governor’s official visit. Digital newsletters by the clubs and governor’s monthly letter (GML), and Rotary News magazine reach every Rotarian in just the click of a button today. Even the digital directory of a club or district is really handy to connect with members.

Clubs and districts are going paperless due to the implementation of digital tools. Audio-video digital district conferences and showcasing virtual reality will get us on par with international conventions. Digitalisation of Rotary in India has not only helped the members, but the environment as well!

Dr Mahesh Kotbagi
RI Director, 2021–23

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