Entertainment galore at Mahabs 21

RI President Shekhar Mehta and RI Director A S Venkatesh holding the Polio Flame at the End Polio booth in the presence of Institute Chairman M Muruganandam (L) and PDG E K Sagadhevan (R).

Graceful dance performances, musical recitals and power-packed sessions with spiritual gurus and celebrities made the Mahabs 21 institute a memorable occasion.  Students from the Atma Foundation of Kalakshetra, Chennai, entertained Rotarians with thematic dances. Their group performance in traditional attire and classical dance portrayed the richness of ageless concepts such as truth, ahimsa and education.

Renowned musician and veena player Rajhesh Vaidya and his band kept the audience engaged, as his magical fingers created melodious tunes ranging from retro, Bollywood and peppy Tamil numbers. Whether it was A R Rahman’s lilting melodies from the blockbuster film Roja, or evergreen Bollywood songs such as Piya tu ab to aaja, Mere sapno ki rani, or a jugalbandi between the ghatam and tabla players, the music got the delegates tapping their feet and clapping.

Leaders are like teabags, put them in hot water (pressure) and you’ll know how strong they are. Leaders must not fear challenges.

Addressing a session, Aasaanji, a spiritual teacher and founder of the Atmayoga Foundation, said “you have the ability to change the unchangeable and this is the power that god has blessed you with.”  In order to sharpen the intellect, he prescribed regular meditation.

Lifestyle coach and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das praised Rotarians for their selfless service through charity. The paradox of our times is that those “who have the most are often the least satisfied.” He advised Rotarians not to forget that “good values, family and friends are the key to success.” Leadership coach Prakash Iyer peppered his presentation with anecdotes to drive home leadership lessons such as being agile, taking ownership during a crisis and giving credit to the team. “Great things happen when you do all the small things right,” he said. Taking out a teabag from his pocket he continued, “leaders are like teabags, put them in hot water (pressure) and you’ll know how strong they are. Leaders must not fear challenges.”

Veena player Rajhesh Vaidya
Veena player Rajhesh Vaidya

The delegates at the institute expressed solidarity to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the two countries’ efforts to eradicate polio. End Polio Now chair PDG E K Sagadhevan urged the visitors at a special End Polio booth at the institute to hold a Polio Flame and pray for polio-free Pakistan and Afghanistan so that the world is rid of the deadly virus soon.

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