RI President meets District 3232 club presidents

Grabbing the opportunity provided by the Mahabs 21 zone institute, RID 3232 DG J Sridhar hosted an event to enable his club presidents to meet RI President Shekhar Mehta in Chennai. The event was attended by RI director A S Venkatesh, TRF Trustee Aziz Memon, PDGs, the “changemaker” presidents and their spouses.


“Despite a long day of over 13 hours of back-to-back visits to projects and clubs across District 3232, President Shekhar delivered an inspirational address to make the event a grand and memorable evening. The District Annettes Council presented a splendid invocation dance curated specially for the RI president,” said Sridhar.

The DG, who is recovering from a surgery after a recent fall, welcomed the gathering, DGN Ravi Raman and DGND N S Saravanan participated.

DG Sridhar announced that he had created a sustainable proactive process for RID 3232 to set up a comprehensive disaster management process in Chennai under the chairmanship of Rtn Haricharan. A disaster management manual was released by President Mehta, who urged the presidents to make full use of their leadership positions to grow Rotary and do meaningful and big service projects.

District counsellor PDG Abirami Ramanathan presented a report on the impact of the Kuilkuppam village project by RC Madras Central along with over 40 clubs of RID 3232, which is creating a huge impact on the members of the Irular tribe — snake charmers — who have been displaced after a recent policy change. The project transforms lives by giving tribals access to quality shelter, better education for their children and livelihood opportunities.

DRFC Ambalavanan presented a cheque to President Mehta for $30,000 for the RI President Shekar Mehta and Rashi Mehta Endowment Fund, and thanked the Rotarians who had contributed. PDG J B Kamdar introduced the man of the moment — RI President Shekhar Mehta. District RYLA chair Vidya Ragu was the master of ceremonies and district secretary R Ravi Shankar delivered a vote of thanks.

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