Member participation strengthens clubs


It is heartening to see clubs and districts around our country slowly and cautiously inching back to pre-pandemic levels of activity. I also notice that clubs have been quick to adopt relevant technology, wherever needed. Though we must not let our guards down, life must go on. As I see this around me, my thoughts go back to over two decades ago when as a fairly new Rotarian I watched a young girl refusing to get off the new bench donated to her school by my club. The image that is etched in my memory is that of this young girl confessing that this was the first time in her life she was sitting on something other than the ground and that she wanted to experience that joy for a little longer. That was a life-changing incident not only for her but for me too. My outlook to life changed that moment. My bonding with Rotary grew stronger.

I am recalling this incident to emphasise the importance of engaging our club members as one will never know which experience is going to be a life-changing one. People join Rotary for various reasons and most of them may well be reasonable. However if there is one thread that connects all those reasons, it will be the desire to be engaged in some form or the other. Some may consciously seek the opportunity and others may wait for it to be offered to them. Clubs in our zones need to bear this in mind and their leadership should look around and ensure all the members are engaged in some activity or the other of their choice.

Many studies have revealed that the GenNext looks to get a hands-on experience of working in their community and making a difference through their clubs and that would be the main reason why they join or continue in Rotary.

Feeling good is a prerequisite for doing good. Let us resolve to make available relevant opportunities for our members to engage themselves in activities that will make them feel good about their membership in our organisation. If that happens we will certainly ‘Grow More and Do More’.

People join as members. It is their experience that makes them Rotarians!

A S Venkatesh
RI Director, 2021–23

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