A hygiene awareness rally in Hyderabad

In a major initiative against spitting in public places, RC Jubilee Hills, RID 3150, organised a mega awareness rally, in partnership with Rotaract and Interact clubs, Toastmasters, Jaycees and Freemasons, at Tank Bund, an iconic spot off Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad. The highlight of the rally, staged on Independence Day, was the 150-metre national flag which was carried by volunteers. Placards and banners were also taken to create awareness on hygiene and public health by the marchers.

Volunteers carrying a 150m national flag as part of the rally.
Volunteers carrying a 150m national flag as part of the rally.

The Stop India Spitting (SIS) campaign was first started by environmentalist Odette Katrak, cofounder of Beautiful Bengaluru (now known as Beautiful Bharat), a citizen-led movement for clean, green and safe city. DG K Prabhakar flagged off the rally with club president P Suresh Gupta coordinating the event with other NGOs. “The SIS will be a multi-year campaign to spread awareness on the dangers of spitting in public places. It seeks inclusion of this hygiene habit as part of the Covid protocol by the GoI,” said K Sesha Sai Kumar, former president, RC Jubilee Hills.

The rally got a wide coverage in the local media and it was a major PR exercise for the Rotary club. “Several organisations and NGOs have expressed interest to join as partners in this Rotary initiative ,” added Kumar.

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