50,000 patients screened on Rotary Day in RID 3012

Around 100 ­multispecialty health camps were held across RID 3012 with all the 126 clubs taking part in a mega Rotary Day programme (Aug 29) that reached out to over 50,000 beneficiaries. In these medical camps, various tests, eye and retinal screening, dental check-up, mammography and cancer screening, ECG and bone mineral density tests were done free of cost for patients.

DG Ashok Aggarwal (fourth from L) visits an eye-screening camp as part of the Rotary Day celebrations.
DG Ashok Aggarwal (fourth from L) visits an eye-screening camp as part of the Rotary Day celebrations.

In a curtain raiser to Rotary Day events, DG Ashok Aggarwal had informed the media earlier that all the clubs from across the district will hold medical camps, blood donation camps, Covid vaccination awareness rallies and other service projects at various locations. The clubs had put up 150 hoardings, and ran campaigns on radio and other print media to spread awareness about the health camps and a cycle rally on Covid vaccination in Ghaziabad. Announcements of various Rotary programmes were made on local TV channels.

Adoption of TB patients

To mark Rotary Day, RID 3012 adopted 1,000 children suffering from tuberculosis and their entire treatment will be sponsored by the clubs. They will also be given nutritional food for a healthy life. An ambulance was donated to the Charak Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre at Panchi village near Meerut, UP. “Our Rotary Day projects were a massive public image exercise that impacted over one crore people on a single day,” said DG Aggarwal.

PDG J K Gaur (centre) distributing health cards ­introduced by RC Sonipat Midtown for ­underprivileged women.
PDG J K Gaur (centre) distributing health cards ­introduced by RC Sonipat Midtown for ­underprivileged women.

On the vaccination front, he said the district clubs had inoculated over 100,000 people with the support of health department and private hospitals and the figure is raising each day.

Health cards to poor

Rotary Ayushman Health Cards (RAHC) were given by RC Sonipat Midtown, RID 3012, as part of Rotary Day events, to underprivileged families who could not afford proper medical care.

The club has ­empanelled 19 ­hospitals in Sonepat which will provide OPD and ­consultations at ₹50 per head, while all lab and diagnostic tests will be done at 50 per cent discount for the RAHC beneficiaries. “We plan to give these health cards to 1,000 families which will help about 4,000–5,000 people,” said Rakesh Devgun, club president. The project was inaugurated by PDG J K Gaur who ­distributed around 300 cards on the occasion. PP Sandeep Jaitley chaired the meeting.

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