Membership Referral Reward Pin

This year the focus is on Membership Growth, and our target is to take it to 1.3 million members. Our RI President Shekhar Mehta has launched EOBO ( Each One Bring One ) campaign, and Rotary India has specially designed Membership Award Pins for members, clubs and districts based on their performance.

For this, each club has to get enrolled and enable Membership Data Sync from to by selecting Roster on Wheels as a vendor in


Who can sync data: Club president/secretary/executive secretary is authorised to enable this feature in


Steps for data sync

  1. Login to
  2. Manage> Club & District Administration > Club Administration
  3. Scroll down to  > Club & Member Data > Designate a club management vendor
  4. Scroll down > Club Management Systems > Edit
  5. Edit Club Management> Scroll Down> Add Vendor
  6. Select Vendor > Drop down list > Roster on wheels > Vendor Access Level > View only access> Club Intends to use Vendors service
  7. Scroll Down>tick the box of Certification > Click ‘I Agree’


If you have any difficulty in doing this, please get in touch with the help desk at

Please note that when a club leader logs in to,
he/she can check whether the club is ROTARY SYNC enabled or disabled on the top of the dashboard.

Membership Referral Reward Pin

Rotarians who refer a member to any club or district other than his own for the first time will be recognised with a pin. Here is the link to claim the Membership referral reward pin —

A Rotarian, his/her partner, or Rotaractor can claim a referral reward using this link.


Steps for Membership Referral Reward Pin

The Rotarian has to select the district, club and the person he has referred and choose the proper sponsor from the club. He will get three attempts to identify the sponsors. Then the system will block him from claiming the referral reward for that particular referred person. He can continue claiming the reward for other referrals. n


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