Adapt to the new normal of virtual world

A new era has set in after coronavirus, bringing in gender equity and sharing home and family responsibilities; breaking mental barriers and finding opportunities for women in education and skill development. This is essential for national development, and gives Rotarians the opportunities to be gamechangers and take up diverse projects like Project Dignity — skilling of women/widows and children of widows.

We Rotarians are not laid back, and are trying to steadily regain our position in this world, thanks to numerous technological avenues. Virtual meetings — the new normal — are being organised, as also training and fellowship. With this vast transformation of the world, Rotarians are also getting substantial learning experience, breaking barriers and adapting to change.

Fellowship is one of the core values of Rotary. June is Rotary Fellowship month. It is when groups of Rotarians, their spouses and Rotaractors join to share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities. It is a good opportunity to further our vocational development through acquaintance with other professionals and explore new opportunities for service. The virtual medium gives us great opportunities to find innovative methods to explore the fruits of fellowship and friendship. So let’s rekindle old friendships and make new ones, enjoying Rotary’s worldwide fellowship as we connect the world.

I commend the DGEs for swiftly and efficiently adapting to change and conducting all their training and fellowship meetings on virtual platforms. I have seen so many innovative fellowship meets — antakshari, tambola, music and dance competitions, meeting with civic personalities, etc. It surely has been a fruitful exercise of reinventing the wheel.

I also challenge all the DGs to continue and complete their OCVs virtually and close their year of service with 100 per cent membership retention. Use the virtual platform to reach out to all your members, inspire and ignite the passion of service in them, for, the world needs our compassionate hands. Do encourage your presidents to induct three new members in your clubs in June. Remember membership is our only sustainable asset.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” We have to come together to become stronger and do our part in solidarity, the new word for unity and strength.

“One colour does not make a rainbow; one tree does not make a forest, and one leader does not make a change. In these trying times it is innovation and collaboration that result in any and every triumph; it is solidity the key to success.”

Kamal Sanghvi,
RI Director, 2019-21

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