Malegaon Rotary club organises a medical camp


Patients at the Rotary Eye Hospital after cataract surgery.
Patients at the Rotary Eye Hospital after cataract surgery.

RC Malegaon, RID 3142, organised a medical camp at Tatani, a remote village in Baglan district, Maharashtra. Over 800 villagers including women and children benefitted from it. Over 20 doctors attended to patients with issues pertaining to blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and infections of skin, eyes, and ears. Eleven patients with cataract were surgically treated at the Malegaon Rotary Eye Hospital for surgery. The club had arranged transport and food for the patients and their caretakers.

The visitors to the camp were given face masks and sanitisers and the doctors ­advocated them to follow all the protocols such as ­handwashing, use of masks and sanitisers and maintaining social distance to protect themselves from Covid.

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