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Gulam Vahanvaty

Dear Rotary members,

How difficult is it for leaders to find the right words to motivate people in difficult times, which offer little by way of hope? Despite vaccines on the horizon, we are still grappling with the pandemic.

It’s clear that we can no longer live and work the way we always have; we need to find a new normal. Most of us have regimented lifestyles. We wake up every morning, follow set routines and keep company with the same set of people. Whilst routine may be a source of comfort, it dulls our senses. We also need stimulation — a freshness that vitalises a humdrum existence. This is what Rotary does. It transforms us by giving us opportunities to be effective leaders and a platform to make a difference and do good in the world. As leaders, we have to motivate all Rotarians to contribute to TRF, best done by telling a story.

A young landlord threatens his aged tenant with eviction if rent is not paid. The tenant, a shop owner, explains times are difficult, there is no business and implores him to be considerate but the landlord gruffly refuses. That evening the landlord goes to his sister’s for dinner, praises the spread only to find that she has lost her job. The dinner on the table is thanks to a kindly gesture of her grocery store owner. The brother asks to meet her benefactor, who has been invited too. You guessed right. A man who did not have enough money to pay his own rent, provided goods on credit to a customer facing difficult circumstances. The sheepish landlord waived the rent. There is so much truth in the saying “As you give, so shall you receive.”

What better way to assist people in times of uncertainty than a simple contribution to TRF, which is used to do good in the world. Stay safe and stay well!


Gulam A Vahanvaty
Trustee, The Rotary Foundation

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