40 patients get free corneal graft in Hoshiarpur


Under its flagship project Mission Give Light to Sight, RC Hoshiarpur Midtown, RID 3070, in partnership with RC Plano Metro, Texas, RID 5810, sponsored the surgical treatment for 40 patients suffering from corneal blindness. The club has signed an MoU with the Guru Ka Langar Eye Hospital, Chandigarh, and the Shakeen Eye and Dental Hospital, Amritsar, for implementing this global grant project.

“All expenses for these corneal operations were borne by our club,” said Parveen Palial, secretary, RC Hoshiarpur Midtown. Most of the patients came from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, UP and Jammu and Kashmir. The club is holding awareness camps for people to donate eyes and give vision to others suffering from corneal blindness.


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