RC Allahabad Midtown cares for pet animals

RC Allahabad Midtown president Dr Divya Bartaria (extreme right) with club members donate dog feed to PAWCO, an animal welfare organisation.
RC Allahabad Midtown president Dr Divya Bartaria (extreme right) with club members donate dog feed to PAWCO, an animal welfare organisation.

Rotary for Ethical Treatment for Animals (RETA) was born after RC Allahabad Midtown, RID 3120, forged a partnership with PAWCO, an animal welfare organisation, for “mapping out a common vision to reduce the sufferings of pet animals” by rescuing and rehabilitating them in well-cared-for shelters. Club president Dr Divya Bartaria and Project Chair Geetika Agrawal donated 150kg of grains, daliya (porridge), dog foods, blankets and other requirements in the project’s first phase.According to Dr Divya, “our next focus will be on animal birth control as PAWCO has already completed over 100 sterlisations in the district. This is the only humane way to check the population of stray dogs.” PAWCO is an animal charitable society formed by Advait Mohan and Samar Rahman during their chance meeting at a vaccination camp in 2017. So far the NGO has treated more than 500 sick animals, got more than 20 desi dogs adopted, done 123 sterilisations, set up 30 permanent shelters and runs a round-the-clock helpline.

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