Dear Rotary leaders

Dear Rotary leaders,

“Ethics is knowing the difference between
what you have the right to do
And what is the right thing to do.”

Vocational Service asks us to empower others by using our unique skills and expertise to address community needs and help others discover new professional opportunities and interests. January is Rotary’s Vocational Service Month, a great time to leverage vocational service in your club projects and activities, imbibing the spirit of our Four-way test.

I urge each one of you to practise vocational excellence on two fronts — your personal contribution and commitment and secondly, through your club activities.

Five ways you can incorporate vocational service in your club activities:

  • Help devote a meeting in January to examine the second avenue of service, including the Four-way test and the Declaration of Rotarians in business and professions.
  • Introduce a ‘mini classifications talk’ series in which each member gives a five-minute talk on his or her vocation.
  • Present a vocational award to someone in the community who has exemplified outstanding professional achievement while maintaining very high ethical standards.
  • Invite experts to give a presentation on the vocational needs of the community and develop a project in response to those needs. Possible projects could focus on developing character, providing career information to youth, mentoring small businesses, or organising workshops that provide employees with new skills.
  • Encourage club members to put their vocational skills to work as a Rotary volunteer.

Five ways you can incorporate vocational service in your personal capacity:

  • Join a Rotarian Action Group and support service projects across the world.
  • Practise your profession with integrity, and inspire others to behave ethically through your words and actions.
  • Work with local businesses to create mentorship, internship, or practicum opportunities to help young people achieve their career goals.
  • Guide and encourage others in their professional development.
  • Participate in a vocation related Rotary friendship exchange

Let us strive not to become a man/woman of success, but rather a man/woman of value.

Kamal Sanghvi,
RI Director, 2019-21

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