Letters to the Editor – November 2020

The first RI woman president


It was heartening to read about the nomination of ­Jennifer Jones as the first ever RI woman president for 2022–23. The article When the mouse roared was impressive and Indian ­Rotarians’ journey to the ­Kartarpur Sahib ­Gurdwara was heartwarming. The series on great Indian singers by S R Madhu is a gift for music lovers.

Santosh Tiwari, RC Jalna — D 3132

I read the September issue from beginning to end in one sitting. I loved two articles — the election of PDG Jennifer Jones as RIPN (2022–23); great news that Rotary is finally going to have a woman president. The role of PDG Sylvia Whitlock has been well covered. Her courage to challenge Rotary is commendable. My club too is going to have the first woman president after 53 years.

The second article, on the Rotary Hooghly Eye Hospital founded 20 years back, was well-written. A new retina specialty unit was ­inaugurated by RIPE Shekhar Mehta through a zoom meet recently.

R K Bubna, RC Belur — D 3291

A delightful piece on Kishore Kumar

It gave me deep pleasure to read the article on legendary Kishore Kumar. In Rotary, we respect and honour talent from different fields like music.Words like sensuality, raw desire and Kishore tsunami embellish the ­narration. With no classical training, he could reach the peak.

Sunil Kayal, RC Rourkela ­Central — D 3261

The article on Kishore Kumar was informative and interesting. Apart from other Rotary articles, it’s a pleasure to read such articles. Keep up the good work.

Brij Khandelwal, RC Madras Central — D 3232

Kishore Kumar, the delightful yodeller, was interesting. We’re happy he was from Khandwa and never forgot to mention the place of his birth at every music programme. To honour him an auditorium was built in his name here.

Anil Baheti, RC Khandwa — D 3040

Thank you for the article Tribal students get opportunity to interact with top tech professionals. The content was impressively written. This motivates us to do more work.

Anil Kumar S, RC Secunderabad West — D 3150

Admirable egg banks project

Rtn Hari Kishan of RC Secunderabad has mooted the amazing idea of creating egg banks for underprivileged children. The legal fight of RC Duarte and the progress of women in Rotary was captured well. The warning by RI general secretary John Hewko on declining membership in the US, UK, Canada, Australia causes concern.

When an eye hospital rejuvenated a Rotary club by Jaishree is motivational and depicts the determination of the club to survive. Rotary News Plus is indeed a great concept. It allows us to read about many projects that different clubs undertake successfully.

Capt V G Deodhar, RC Nasik — D 3030

Rasheeda Bhagat’s cover story Reaching eggs to the nutritionally deficient was inspiring. Rtn Hari Kishan ­Valmiki’s work is admirable. Congrats to RC Hooghly for taking up a great eye care project. Kiran Zehra’s article, Rotary paints India green… was superb. The Empress of Melodies by S R Madhu was fantastic. Thanks to Team Rotary News for the good work which has elevated the magazine to global standards.

Daniel Chittilappilly, RC Kaloor — D 3201

I was astonished to see Indian Rotarians travelling to Kartarpur, Lahore, with great interest, as it set aside animosity and hatred. Only Rotary can take up such initiatives, overcoming barriers of boundaries. Jai Rotary!

Tomi Eapen, RC Alleppey — D 3211

Rotary News has become a magazine par excellence, and I have become an addict as I keep waiting to receive a copy every month. My compliments to Rotarians for taking up the Covid ­challenge head-on; RID Kamal ­Sanghvi has rightly said “if you want to empower societies and reduce ­poverty, educate girls.”

The global figures on illiterate children is alarming and Rotarians have rolled up their sleeves to educate them. True service can be seen through Project Saksham of RC Nagpur Fort, that gives hope to underprivileged children. The magazine is studded with beautiful articles.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

Covid warrior Dr Chandrashekar Kolvekar, a PDG from RID 3142, who treats patients and helps frontline workers by distributing PPE kits deserves congratulations.

N Jagatheesan, RC Eluru — D 3020

RID Kamal Sanghvi has stressed on child literacy and adult education under RILM. This is a tremendous effort of Rotary as education plays a key role in developing the personality of a human being. The Asha Kiran programme will help to make India literate.

Naveen R Garg, RC Sunam — D 3090

RI President Holger Knaack has rightly turned his focus on Rotaract clubs. In RID 3000, there are more than 50 Rotaract clubs and many more will be opened in colleges and institutions. I am happy that Jennifer Jones is ­nominated as RI president; more women will follow in the coming years I am sure. She has rightly placed emphasis on women’s membership and we will all join hands with her in fulfilling our common goals.

S Muniandi, RC Dindigul Fort — D 3000

Kudos to the editor and her team for bringing out excellent news and photographs every month. I look forward to the Editor’s Note which is timely and informative. The articles on Indian Rotarians’ travel to Pakistan and the induction of 361 Rotarians were great to read. Kudos to Africa for being certified polio-free.

Bharat Merchant, RC Bombay Seaface — D 3141

The genius called Muhammad Yunus


Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus’ vision of society is astounding. Job opportunities for migrant and informal workers, microcredit and a ­vaccine for the larger public good are some of the interesting issues he touched upon. RIPE ­Shekhar Mehta rightly asked what more Rotary could do for the underprivileged.

G R Baskaran, RC Virudhunagar Elite — D 3212

The October cover story, where Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus rightly states that “returning to the pre-pandemic world would be committing suicide,” is worth reading. PRIP Rajendra Saboo’s tribute to the late PRID Yash Pal Das, saying that “commitment was his religion” is apt. He was a leader of integrity and charisma. I was touched by your statement in the edit that he would always greet the RNT staff at the Board meets.

Nan Narayenen, RC Madurai West — D 3000

Muhammad Yunus has given noble ideas, including the need for a vaccine for common good, eradication of poverty and unemployment post-Covid. RI President Holger Knaack’s message is meaningful. The editor has shown adorable interest on the plight of millions of migrant workers.  Condolences to the late Yashpal Das family on their bereavement. The Sakhsham Bharat project aimed to create skills for jobless is admirable. The article on O P Khanna’s service proves there are still good people in the world. Happy to read the article on Kishore Kumar.

Kudos to Hari Kishan Valmiki for supplying five lakhs eggs through his egg bank to underprivileged children. It is a pity that India is ranked 102 among 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2019.
I am happy to note that Africa being certified polio-free and Jennifer Jones will be RI president for 2022–23. Articles on Lata Mangeshkar and RID 3211 inducting a record 361 members are noteworthy.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

Muhammad Yunus has advised us not to return to a pre-corona world, and his suggestions on treating migrants as mini entrepreneurs wonderful. This genius with his compassion and rich experience deserves our congratulations. The October issue, with features such as Club Hop, News in Brief and RID messages, is interesting. All the articles are ­presented excellently giving me joy while reading. Keep up this style.

S Mohan, RC Madurai West — RID 3000


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