The Covid pandemic has changed every-thing — the way we have our Rotary meetings, our project implementation and fellowship activities. It has brought unique challenges to Rotary. In all this change, one thing remains constant — our commitment to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), the backbone of Rotary. Much of the good work in Rotary is possible because of TRF. It is our investment for the future. Giving to TRF is a truly ‘effective giving’. Rotarians give to the Foundation because we know that our money is used wisely and well by our fellow Rotarians, and that together through TRF we can do much more than we could ever do alone.

The Foundation is the shining jewel in Rotary’s crown. It is the means, the instrument to work towards goodwill, understanding and peace. Global grants allow us to do large-scale, impactful projects across the world. The proactive and timely response of TRF in disbursing grants in this pandemic has further fuelled the demand on the world fund. And hence supporting the Annual Fund is critical and it depends on contributions from every Rotarian, every year.

Support to the Polio Fund is vital to fulfill our promise of a polio-free world. The End Polio Now campaign is not just about raising money; it is about saving our children. I request all Rotarians to open their hearts and support the Annual and Polio Funds. Remember, what you give may be a drop in the ocean; but without your drop the ocean will be incomplete. Your support today is vital for keeping TRF strong tomorrow.

There are three kinds of givers — one, like the flint which gives only when hammered and then yields only a small spark; those like a sponge that gives when squeezed but soon runs dry; and the third, like a honeycomb that gives freely and keeps giving. Rotarians are like a honeycomb. They give freely again and again.

Emerson has said, “To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is the meaning of success.” The Rotary Foundation is that Power of One — one Rotarian, one club and one district — multiplied several times.

We Rotarians can help rebuild, reshape and restore our communities. And a good way to do that is through TRF. As we connect with one another and as new opportunities open up before us, let us continue to support our Foundation. Together we can and we will change the world.

Dr Bharat Pandya,
RI Director, 2019-21

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