A multidistrict seminar to grow Rotary

A multidistrict virtual membership seminar was organised by RCs Calcutta Renaissance and ­Calcutta Centenary, RID 3291, in association with RCs Delhi Elite (RID 3011), Solapur (3132) and Belur ­Dharwad (3170). Fourteen new members including four women from the five clubs were introduced at the meet.

PDGs Shyamashree Sen (3291), Chandrashekhar Kolvekar (3142) and Sunil Zacharia (3201) addressed around 100 viewers. PDG (3291) Debasish Mitra, the chief guest, urged the audience to introduce more women members. The most challenging tasks for Rotary clubs at this juncture are membership retention and inducting new members on a virtual platform without meeting them physically, he said.


“Induct people from diverse backgrounds with like-minded cultural orientation; make them feel welcome and involve them,” said Shyamashree, stressing the importance of ­bonding and healthy relationship among members.

Zacharia, speaking on membership retention, urged clubs to “be strong, have a hands-on engagement committee, structured programmes, give proper information to members and create a feeling of family and friendly bonding to retain members.”

Kolvekar stressed the need to attract young members and make Rotary meetings flexible. “Involve Rotaractors and youth in your projects so that they get inspired to become Rotarians. Appreciating them for their ideas will be a huge motivation for them,” he said.

DGs Sudip Mukherjee (RID 3291), Harish Motwani (3132), DGE Prabir Chatterjee (3291) and DGN Raja Sekhar Reddy (RID 3150) were also present.


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