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Only angels can fly

Author                  : Somanth Sapru
Publisher             : K W Publishers
Pages                    : 525; 1440

Back in 1927 when the Directorate of Civil Aviation was set up, and Indians learned to fly, to the fascinating glimpses of how women pilots faced bias before succeeding in flying, to the year 2020 where India has recorded the highest number of women pilots in the world, this book is a complete insight to the Indian aviation history. The book elaborates on how the British empire strategically and commercially used the new form of transport and gives a detailed account of the nationalisation of the aviation industry. It will take you back in time when the flying clubs were first started in major cities to attract young people to learn to fly. Challenges faced by entrepreneurs who tried to set-up an aircraft factory in the country during the inter-war period (1919–1939), the post-World War II struggles of individual airlines and anecdotes of brave pilots are interesting parts of this book.



Never visit a doctor: How to stay fit and healthy forever

Author                  : Sapna Priyadarshini
Publisher             : Notion Press
Pages                    : 392; 499

This book highlights the positive aspects and benefits of yoga. It takes into account the problems we face because of the hectic lifestyle we have adapted. Through simple asanas, breathing exercises and meditation tips, the author guides us in creating a stress-free atmosphere around us. Learn to understand your body, dosha, guna, and prakriti and how to use asanas to fix your physical and mental suffering and lead a fit and healthy life with the help of this book. The second part of the book helps you fix lifestyle-related diseases through diet and regular practise of yoga without having to turn to medicines.

The zero side affect plan will restore your health and help you understand your body like never before. The author is a member of the Rotary Club of Bombay Seacoast.



Shhh! Don’t talk about mental health

Author                  : Arjun Gupta
Publisher             :  Notion Press
Pages                    : 206; 300

A simple, sensitive 19-year- old boy, Yashasvi, suffering from clinical depression decides to end his life. Timely and appropriate, the story walks you through the history of depression, baseless theories, and the mentality of the society towards the subject. The book shares an account from the bygone eras from 500–1,400 AD where the mentally-ill were considered to be possessed by demons and holes were drilled on their skulls as treatment. In 1247, the Bethlehem Hospital in London was established for the mentally sick, but they were chained, beaten and experimented on. Today they are called names and abandoned by their friends and family.

How Yashasvi fights his emotional outbursts, anger and suicidal thoughts forms the crux of the story. This is not a self-help book but with the help of the protagonist, history, facts and statistics, the author creates awareness on mental health issues.

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