‘My Rotary’ website upgraded

My Rotary is the member-­facing website where Rotary shares resources, tools and information with ­Rotarians and Rotaractors. Over the years, RI received a lot of feedback from members, especially club and district officers, who asked for a more robust site that was faster and easier to use. With this input as the guide, RI set out to give members what they needed.

Here are a few of the updates and new features now available on My Rotary:

It’s accessible on all mobile devices in eight Rotary languages.

Club officers can create multiple meetings and add more detailed meeting information to their club profile, including time, place, meeting language, and whether the club meets ­in-person, online or both. This level of detail improves the club meeting search function.

Member profiles may include a member’s name, club, leadership roles, and contact information, though the information that is visible depends on the member’s chosen privacy settings. When a member updates their profile, they determine what information to share and with whom.

This is just the beginning. The goal is to make ongoing improvements so RI can continuously provide members with what they need to successfully serve their clubs and communities. Over the next several months, there will be more updates to My Rotary, like improving functionality for district officers and fully integrating Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs into the site. There are resources available for club officers in the Learning Center.


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