Rotary face masks for students writing Board exams

Rotarians handing over face masks to school authorities.
Rotarians handing over face masks to school authorities.

The literacy committee of RI District 3190 is helping the Karnataka government in providing safety for students writing SSLC exams that were postponed because of the nationwide lockdown. The pending exams were scheduled between June 25 and July 24. When the announcement came, “we ­identified the need and reached out to our clubs in the eight revenue districts to help provide face masks to the students,” said District Literacy Committee Chairman Gurunagesh.

With support from 70 clubs, the masks were manufactured in eight units that included women self-help groups and livelihood initiatives by different NGOs in the State. Under the project ‘Gift a Mask’, 250,000 reusable cotton cloth masks with the Rotary logo were distributed to 1,030 examination centres. Teachers who were assigned for invigilation were also given the masks.

“The initiative was a good public image exercise for Rotary locally,” said Gurunagesh.

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