Beauty pageant funds breast cancer treatment

Rotary Club of Mithila, D 3250, hosted a beauty pageant in Mithila, a town in North Bihar. To raise funds for treatment of breast cancer for needy women, the ‘Miss and Mrs Brand ­Mithilanchal’ event was organised, said Club President Dr Ranjana R Mishra. The aim was also to showcase the art, culture and traditions of Mithila. The lead-up to the grand finale was held across the district in association with other clubs for 45 days and included various stages of qualifying rounds.


Chandrashekhar Singh, the District Magistrate and District Governor Vivek Kumar were the chief guests at the grand finale.

The event also served as an opportunity to enhance the self-esteem of women and inspire them to come out of their shells and achieve greater heights, said DG Vivek Kumar.

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