Clubs join hands to build a house in Mexico Rotarians and their families have built a 600 square feet home for a beneficiary-family, which is expected to further strengthen Rotary's bonding with the community in Mexico.

Rotarians and volunteers at the newly constructed home in Mexico. Photo: Kathryn Watson
Rotarians and volunteers at the newly constructed home in Mexico. Photo: Kathryn Watson

On Saturday, April 28, approximately 50 Rotarians from the South Pasadena and San Marino clubs (California, US – D 5300) and their families and friends travelled to Tecate, Mexico to build a house – in a day.

Working with Corazon Inc, a non-profit organisation that provides services to Northern Baja residents, the volunteers arrived at the build site at about 8 am.

The 600 square foot standard construction home, but without water or electricity, was completed by 4.30 pm.

Corazon coordinates the construction and provides building supervisors to lead the volunteers.

Service clubs like Rotary, church groups, families, and companies provide $8,400 to purchase the materials and 30-50 volunteers to build the house.

The families that receive the home have volunteered hundreds of hours in their community to earn the right to get on the list for a house.

The South Pasadena Rotary Club has participated in these international hands-on projects for several years.

In 2017 they teamed up with their neighbouring club in San Marino to make it a joint project.

South Pasadena Rotary President and Project Coordinator Dan Watson said, “Building a home in Mexico is one of our club’s most important and meaningful activities each year.”

“In one day we literally change lives, not only for the Cabrera-Anguino faily that got a new home, but for the volunteers that built it. It helps build a bridge between the people of our countries.”

“Working with San Marino Rotary has only made this a more meaningful project. We are building a relationship that will last a long time.”

Source: South Pasadena Review

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