Message from RI South Asia Office

Clubs which were terminated on account of non-payment of July 2017 club dues are encouraged to fulfill the following compliances for reinstatement within 150 days from the date of termination:

  • Pay all outstanding financial obligations at the time of termination.
  • Pay all membership dues that continue to accrue thereafter.
  • Pay a $30 per member reinstatement fee plus Goods & Services tax @18%
  • Reinstatement application.

Please note that 150 days after the termination date, clubs stand permanently terminated and cannot be reinstated.


  •  As required under The Income Tax Act 1961, all donors making contributions are requested to either inform their ­Permanent Account Number (PAN) in their contribution form/letter or send us the scanned copy of the PAN card, for the purpose of reporting contributions made in the current financial year.
  •  Current club officers should update the details of incoming officers at the earliest. Providing timely data updates will enable incoming club officers to receive e-mail communications from RI and their names will feature in the RI’s 2018-19 Official Directory.
  •  Rotarians can access videos available on various topics such as who we are, our causes, our young leaders, our history, as well as International Assembly speeches etc. at Please make use of these resources to better understand Rotary’s causes and functioning.
  • These are interesting months in Rotary with district ­conferences and the annual training ­programmes for incoming club and district officers taking place. Several training resources, documents and ­manuals are available on RI website (through My Rotary) under learning and reference menu. Our best wishes for the success of the district conferences and the ­forthcoming training events.

Rotary strongly believes in the power of partnership and is working with corporates through Corporate Social Responsibility mandate. Today, Rotary is proud to be associated with many corporate partners to implement global grant projects by our districts/clubs.

Attention to approaching deadlines:

  • Deadline for pre-registration discount for the RI Convention: To avail a $10 discount, please register online at on or before March 31, 2018.
  • Grant Reporting deadline: Kindly submit interim report of activities of all open grants upto March 31, 2018, by May 31, 2018; otherwise the Grant will become overdue on reporting effective June 1, 2018. New grant applications will not be accepted by the Foundation if a grant sponsor has an overdue report for any Foundation grant.
  • Applications for the 2019–20 Rotary Peace Fellowship programme are now being accepted. To learn more about Peace Fellowship Application, click on­application. The deadline for applicants to submit ­applications to their district is May 31, 2018. Districts must submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation by July 1. For queries, please write to

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