Yet another medical mission to Nigeria

Above: Children awaiting treatment in the hospital.
Children awaiting treatment in the hospital.

After his return from the medical mission to Ogun, ­Nigeria, organised by District 3020, Rtn Sanjay Mucherla, a dental surgeon, learnt that there was a great need for medical equipment and training in African hospitals.

Dr Varahalu Basava, a past governor and Chairman of the medical mission, said, “not only was PRIP Raja Saboo interested in knowing about the mission, he also helped us identify our international partners from D 9110 in Nigeria and D 3650 in South Korea. We owe him and The Rotary Foundation a big thanks for helping us get this Global Grant.”

The team of Indian doctors who were part of the medical mission to Ogun.
The team of Indian doctors who were part of the medical mission to Ogun.

Nigeria’s State Commissioner for Health Dr Babatunde Ipaye inaugurated the eight-day health camp at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH), Ogun, on May 20. Over 400 patients were screened for various ailments and 150 patients had to undergo surgery. A team of seven doctors from India conducted the camp. The team presented laparoscopic equipment worth Rs 19 lakh and other surgical equipment worth Rs 6 lakh to OOUTH.

Recalling a three-year-old child operated for umbilical hernia, Dr Basava said, “The doctors were shocked to find such poor facilities for surgery. A fractured bone hadn’t healed, some patients suffered from large keloids. Four-to eight-year-old children in particular suffered from undescended testes and ­hernia. Hypospadias, amounting to one-third of the surgeries, were performed on children.” The camp was a boon for those who could not afford the huge hospital bills or travel abroad for ­treatment.

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