Skilling women

A computer course in progress at the centre established by the club.
A computer course in progress at the centre established by the club.

The Rotary Club of  ­Mumbai Greencity, D 3141, recently inaugurated a computer ­centre at the Good Shepherd Convent, ­Andheri, in ­association with Vedanta ­Foundation, for which 36 ­trainees signed up. The three-month course costs Rs 1,000 a student.

“In this digital age, ­computer ­education is a must and the ­launching of this lab could not be timelier. Job fairs will be held to ­facilitate ­employment of those who have ­completed the ­training,” said Sr Pushpa Louis, President, Good ­Shepherd Convent. Vedanta ­Foundation will depute a placement guide in the last week of the course to help students get employed.

Likewise, the club’s two-month beautician course has benefitted 52 women so far. “Most of them are employed in beauty parlours or have their own ­practice, thus upgrading their lives with a good jump in their incomes,” said Club Secretary Parvez Merchant.

Shobha Das (38), a widow and mother of a four-year-old boy, said, “Before this training, I was selling ­household items earning Rs 2,000 a month. Now as a trained ­beautician, I get called to my clients’ homes. My average income is Rs 4,000 now.”

The club ­organised a seminar where 60 women from local slums were explained the basic ­concepts of entrepreneurship and ­running businesses.

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